Exquisite Art : Jamie Shear

Discovering the world of Hebrew Calligraphy, by renowned Scribe Artist - Jamie Shear

发现希伯来书法的世界,由著名的圣经抄写艺术家 -- Jamie Shear 创作

Jamie Shear, a Torah Scribe, artist and educator.
He has finished producing 11 Torah scrolls for Synagogues in Canada, United States, Israel and Hong Kong.
He has been producing hand-written Hebrew scrolls on parchment to the most astounded standards of Jewish law, tradition and aesthetics for thirty years.
His speciality is microcalligraphy, which is to use quill to form letters and to elaborate designs in letter arts.
He also explains and shares ideas about his craft and Torah ideas behind his art to people who visits his workshop or gallery in the Old City of Jerusalem.