Hinoki Wood Table Display Cross- The Covenant Under the Rainbow

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Creative Ideas:

In Genesis 9:13, the <rainbow> represents:

God is faithful in keeping His covenant. God, Himself is faithful. God is faithful towards His Words and His words are His Covenant.

[Light] is the combination of seven colours of the rainbow- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. The primary colours of the rainbow are red, yellow and blue.

Red is the colour of fire which represents the holiness of God.

Yellow is the colour of golden colour which represents the splendor and glory of God.

Blue is the colour of Sapphire, the colour of the throne which represents the righteousness of God.

There is a hole at the side to enable the light to refract as like to open the door of gospel (window).

The lower edge has ups and downs that represents regardless of whether we are in uphill or down the valley, God will protect us all the time and lead us to walk on the way of grace.

The bottom base is in dark colour as like Christ is the rock of refuge.

In the story of Noah in the bible, God uses rainbow to make covenant with man, never again shall there be a flood to destroy the earth. Every rainbow is a reminder to us that God is a God who keeps His Promise, as the cross before our eyes is the eternal hope. This is a sign to remind us to be like Noah and his family to receive a new life.

The life that lives under the grace of the covenant under the rainbow shall live out the colours of the rainbow and recreate the beauty of heavens and earth in the beginning.

Material: Hinoki Wood (L), Formosan Michelia (R)

Size: 28.5cm (Height) x W13cm (Width) x 7cm (Depth)

Specs: RGB Lightning, 110-220 voltage, Taiwan Plug (Type H)

Inclusive: Exclusive Bag

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