1. Shofar is directly imported from Israel and Kosher certified.
  2. Every shofar purchased is accompanied with a Kosher certificate issued by the manufacturer.
  3. The sound quality of the shofar is carefully tested and selected for optimal use.

Yemenite Kudu’s Horn Shofar

A shofar produces sounds that have a sense of victory. The sense of victory is similar to the sound of a trumpet which is sharp and powerful. The length of shofar strongly affects the tone of shofar to be high or low. For more cases, shorter shofars tend to produce higher toner and longer shofars tend to produce lower tones.

Ram’s Horn Shofar

A ram’s hone’s sound is similar to the weeping sound of an animal. It brings out the crying out for repentance.


4 Types of Sounds of Shofar


The first type of shofar sound is “Tekiah” which is blown for about three seconds. These three seconds include short note and continue with a long high note. It represents a meeting, proclamation, triumph and a sound of rejoicing. 


The second type of shofar sound is “Shevarim” which includes “Tekiah sound, start from a short low note to a long high note and is repeated three times. It is a yearning desire and call to God and it represents the sound of lamentation.


The third type of shofar sound is “Teruah” which includes three consecutive power and short blasts. It is a warning for people to take caution and it has the element of crying out for mercy. 

Tekiah Gedolah

The fourth type of shofar sound is “Tekiah Gedolah” and is the same as “Tekiah” which starts from short low note and followed by long high note. It is blown for about nine seconds or more and slowly increasing to a high end note as the finishing. This part of the shofar sound reminds us of God speaks to His people on Mount Sinai and it also represents the second coming of Jesus Christ. It is the hope of deliverance and the ultimate triumph of victory


Exquisite Velvet Shofar Bag

“The return of the Glorious King” embroidery coupled with intricate trimming (inclusive of name tag)

Shofar Bag 01Shofar Bag 02