Yemenite Kudu Shofar- YK23

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Yemenite Kudu’s Horn Shofar Comes with An Exquisite Velvet Shofar Bag

A sense of victory was produced by the sounding of the shofar, like the loudness of a trumpet, strong, sharp and explosive. The length of the shofar determines whether the tone is high or low. Generally, a shorter shofar produces a higher tone while a longer shofar produces a lower tone.

Size: Jumbo 44 inch
Cert No: 44YKF17023-08E

Exquisite Velvet Shofar Bag

“The return of the Glorious King” embroidery coupled with intricate trimming (inclusive of name tag)

Shofar is directly imported from Israel and Kosher certified.

Every shofar purchased is accompanied with a Kosher certificate issued by the manufacturer.

The sound quality of the shofar is carefully tested and selected for optimal use.

GK611SG · 23


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